24 Made Up Song Names

I spent 20 minutes trying to write a post just to realize I was wrong in my base assumption regarding it. (It was about color and I overcomplicated things)
In that case, I give myself an incredibly inclusive list topic make more than twenty entries and hope I land on something interesting or funny. I promised daily and this is sometimes the result.

  1. Lazy Leopold’s Servants
  2. The Kangaroos
  3. Partying In Overtime
  4. Bingo Beats
  5. The Punks From The Future
  6. Lacking Foresight – In the dark alleyway
  7. Haunting The Bloody Neighbors – Should probably use more offensive curses but I don’t even have the time to be writing this so I’ll stop thinking about it
  8. Soup Mouth –
  9. Selling Spoons In The Apocolypse
  10. We Are The Superheroes – Never seen us in a room together
  11. Repeat After Me – A rap song yay
  12. Third Term In Office
  13. Really Large Rocks
  14. She Touched It – Oh my, she touched the onion. Always make it sound innocent have an inappropriate by the way… at the end of the song
  15. 24 Hour Till Midnight – see you tomorrow morning
  16. Microtransactions – From the silicon valley musical
  17. Context Is Everything – I killed my brother, It was justified 2 years in prison, parol I was not denied.
  18. Racing Trucks
  19. Love Ain’t For The Light Of Heart
  20. The Invisible Glow – of music
  21. 11:54 And it’s by tomorrow
  22. Stress – I’ve pushed it off
  23. My Very Own Pick Me Up – Also from silicon valley the musical (if I don’t know what to do tomorrow I’ll write a discography for it)
  24. Lessons Best Learned At Night – Don’t hide the body if it’s an accident
Still reading about colors and stuff today, was wondering if I could make something look like gold (not matt gold I want it to look like the polished metal) without a metallic effect, and made this for today’s picture. Next week my pictures will be made using something else as instead of serving as creativity exercises to get my mind more focused on the post I spend more mental effort trying to make something look nice.
The whole book cover idea but for next week, I think I can get better results with pencil sketches.

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