7 Ideas For Websites

Well, I was going to do my Book Report (well review) in a day, today; but I pushed it off to far and would rather it be something I do well. I also won’t do the silicon valley the musical discography today because I can’t seem to get the picture right. (I promise When I do it in the future It will have a picture or a sketch which will give it some context)

I only have 7 entries because I procrastinated getting this out on time; I apologize for that.

  1. The online biography correctness test – and why autobiographies often fall short
  2. Primary Source Bias Checker – Explains the cultural biases of primary historical sources their personal motivations and their use of languages along with common mistranslations of their work or misconceptions regarding them.
  3. Ruth Golberg Disciples – How to make them, practical applications, environmental factors to consider what things most often break when used. Users can talk to each other and show their own special uses. It will also be used to cell a guidebook and some kits that can help you make your first one.
  4. Hygiene Or Health – A website covering ways you can change your life to improve your health common health detriments of things often seen as hygienic and how to stay clean and smell good, in a healthier way. (uses of common groceries that can easily be made into a healthier deodorant etc)
  5. Bringing Back the Semicolon – How to use it why it can be useful the benefits to communication and exercises; I really like the semicolon as used in old books I read but can’t get the hang of using it myself. Still, I believe it makes the text feel so much cleaner, especially since digital messaging has made me feel weird about using periods.
  6. Reference tabs – a website that saves tabs or things you want to keep open without allocating too much work on your computer or filling up your browser. It will use servers so you can access your tabs on mobile, have a premium version that runs smoother, you’ll be renting out server space after all, and also be available as an app.
  7. Internal Clock Trainer (Not just for drummers) – Just what it sounds like. You can use it to train yourself in tempo. It will have a page in avoiding jetlag and setting your sleep schedule. You can also learn to tell how much time passed and to have a near-perfect sense of what time it is.
Like the rest of this post this is very rushed. Despite that it makes a good basic template and it took me very little time to make.

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