A Quick Update

This week’s post has been a mixed bag. I feel as if recently I’ve just been posting to because I promised, yet I’ve already broken a large number of promises regarding this blog. I intend to make next week’s post better than this week’s, but I make no promises. I have a different creative project that is a higher priority for me next week, but I’ll make sure to find a better place for this in my day.
Resetting as I’ve made so many promises I can’t keep; I promise to write something every day of which I can be proud and ask for forgiveness for all the promises I’ve broken. I will try and stop making promises while speaking out of my ass.

Please leave some comments sometimes. Even if they are insulting my writing I at least know which of my posts came out badly. (to leave a comment you have to actually get into the posting page by clicking on the post title. I’ll fix it eventually, and by that, I mean the end of June)

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