10 Uses For Cabbages

I seem to be experiencing writer’s block, and not just for my other project, even for this blog. It’s been happening for a while already and I don’t understand why. These blog posts aren’t very long and when I finally start a subject I like or get to the third entry I either struggle to do anything more or it flows easily. It may be that I’m trying to edit. Yeah that’s it I’m spending too much effort trying to communicate and by the time I start writing for real, I’m already somewhat mentally exhausted. I’ll see what I can do regarding this, for now, no computer for me until 3 hours after I wake up, and before I use a computer I will do a meditative exercise that will give me both time to consider what I want to say. I’ll try it for the rest of the week and we’ll see how it goes.

  1. You can make dye
  2. Capture The Cabbage – you have to catch the cabbage and finish eating it in your team’s side of the field the team who finishes consuming the most cabbage wins.
  3. You can play catch
  4. Fead your pet {insert herbivore here}
  5. Foot- Cabbage – Soccer but the game only ends once there isn’t enough cabbage to continue playing.
  6. You can carefully remove the outside leaves than have a salad enclosed in the outside of a cabbage.
  7. Use the leaves for silly green hair – good for parody skits
  8. Cheap Cabbage pinatas
  9. Cabbage Fries – fry thing covered in cabbage leaves (around half the outside of the cabbage can also be used for steaming food but I don’t think people like the taste of cabbage that much, or have big enough ovens)
  10. Smash the Cabbage – capture the flag but with cabbages. you have to smash them; a similar concept to Capture The Cabbage which is probably a better name for this, but the speed-eating element is a fun part.
    Here is a version where the cabbage gets eaten so you play like this. each team puts there cabbage in a closed circle and once a member of the other team enters the circle they can’t touch them the team whose cabbage is consumed completely first wins. Multiple people can eat the same cabbage and that’s the game.

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