12 Uses For Banana Chips

I need to disinhibit myself as I haven’t been putting out ideas that if I did I could make into something better. So as such this topic is perfect.

  1. Fruit Chip Salad – mix multiple types of fruit chips in a bowl and have a choice of dips. These aren’t meant to be eaten alone as it is unlikely you’ll like every flavor available
  2. Prank Chips – Good flavor, bad flavor, who can tell you know what flavor you like and you’ve been popping them down offer a few to a friend.
  3. Point counter for games – especially if you lose when you run out of points when you lose a point you eat a chip. There the right shape and size and all that.
  4. Food Art – I don’t have a complete picture in my head imagine small chips as fish scales
  5. Outlining for deserts – Spread them out around the outside of the plate or something
  6. Supposedly healthy snack – slightly sweet not to loud present in a bowl on the table and all that. Really it’s just a different type of sugar but eh…
  7. Little ice cream sandwiches – You know slightly sweet, homemade snacks.
  8. Parody earings – Don’t ask. If you can’t picture it I can’t explain it to you
  9. Fruit hats – Not original so 12 entries today
  10. Pseudo projectiles – you can through most things at other people but we seem to have a weird obsession with throwing food so selling food which is meant to be thrown could be a good marketing tactic. Or just a good add.
  11. Bird food – hey it’s a use. probably not a good use because banana chips are often salted but cause nonetheless.
  12. A Breakfast cereal – but I think banana flakes exist already.

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