Questions! Questions! Questions!

Tomorrow’s post will also be a questions questions question thing reading through it will help me (and possibly you) understand how punctuation affects tone; in addition the on Sunday I will write a post about disinhibition and all that.

  1. Why don’t you listen to me! Am I not good enough for you! Are you laughing at me! How dare you find this funny!
  2. Did you really try that! How can you be so stupid! Didn’t I tell you not to! I told you to be quiet!
  3. Hows the weather! How’s your wife! How did the previous two entries affect how you read this!
  4. How quickly can you answer! Answer already! Didn’t I ask a clear and concise question!
  5. Why did the duck cross the road! Why do you think I’m joking! Who said anything about a chicken!
  6. Did you think of a pink elephant! Why did you do that! Didn’t I tell you not to!
  7. What do you mean this is cheap humor! How long do you think it took me to come up with this! Five minutes how dare you be right!
  8. How long has it been since you last spoke to me! Didn’t I tell you to call back! What’s going on in your life!
  9. What do you mean I’m yelling! I’m not yelling, am I! Did seeing the word yelling while you scrolled past the page affect how you interpreted, read, this!
  10. Should I only do one thing at a time! Is testing for multiple things bad for accuracy! Why is adding additional stimulus bad!

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