Questions? Questions? Questions?

I want to make more of these; for some reason I have a lot of fun making these; but I feel this would get boring were I to make more. So if you are okay with or want more comment on this post otherwise I’ll move on.

I noticed that the questions questions questions posts seem to reflect more how intent to punctuate affects what ideas pop into my head as I began thinking of question about deeper subjects using the words an so in my attempt to put together questions in my head. I’m also thinking the first few questions before putting them down. But then I remembered that I did read a few chapters of The Rise And Fall Of The Third Rich today and these things both stick in my head and can act as pretty heavy framing so that may be the cause. Of course, some of these questions are somewhat rhetorical because… questions?
Next time I’ll put extra time down to write one of these posts I’ll make a super 3q post that will have me writing multiple lists in quick succession; if that works out well I’ll make another in reverse order.

  1. Why don’t great disasters and genocide often make the news during the fact? And Why are we willing to partake in behaviors which we now help support a corrupt system (buying stuff made by child workers or by what is essentially slave labor)? All that being the case why do we care and do stuff to stop it at all?
    – (it seems to be easy to not care but why do we when we do?)
  2. Why are some long term problems so much more important and relevant to us than others, problems like environmental damage and the like? Why is global warming the big be all and end all of environmentalism? Why is all-natural better? Who stands to benefit?
  3. Am I interested in big problems because there to big for little ol’ me and so I can’t do much about them anyway? How does skepticism surge me in this? How can I become a more upright moral figure?
  4. Is being confident an advantage in life? How does it help in social situations? In what ways is confidence cause of success, and in what ways is it a result of such?
  5. Do I write this to move away from the deeper subjects and to add a lighter touch to this post? Or did I write this in an attempt to run away from them? Do we fall into self-reference as an escape from actually talking about things? Is it amusing because It’s funny to watch or because it’s relatable?
    – (Is it getting old? but the answer for that is probably yes.)
  6. Is it right to make something that lowers the productivity of the user in exchange for some emotional benefit? is it healthy in the long run? Does being less stressed in the present make up for the less wealthy future?
  7. Do we understand each other? do you understand me? am I making unrealistic jumps in writing this? or does the structure help topics flow into each other like water?
  8. Why do we find wording poetic or beautiful? Does adding something of the sort into a more scientific or experimental text benefit the reader? How would someone define a text such as this? It isn’t art, It’s not poetry and it doesn’t have any communicative goals?
    – (Why do I always make these about me? am I that stuck in my own head? or is it to my benefit that I always try to apply my ideas and my questions to myself first? this would be the case If I didn’t make them with the intent to apply them to myself, but I also believe that anything I address to others I should first try myself; it’s why I created not being a hypocrite, I already proved that wrong though.)
  9. Why do we desire distraction? Why do we suffer boredom so much? isn’t it natural to learn to wait? Do we prefer to suffer?
  10. When is we better suited for communication than I? Is it simply a form of self-protection, a distance from our errors? pr is it so that the people we are communicating to can better embody the best of our communication? Is it brought from confidence or fear? Where else would confidence and fear overlap?
    – (Yes, I know I care too much about how people see me, confidence and fear and all that, but I still believe I’m making a good point here.)

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