Something About Disinhibiting Myself

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking through what to write on this post, shooting down my own ideas and all that, but that is the reason I’ve been trying to become less inhibited (at least while writing these posts) as I’ve spent a lot of time thinking things over but having given myself the time to explore interesting ideas. And in my determination, I’ve decided that that’s what this blog is about; exploring ideas and the idea making process. I want to be original; I believe that to be original, I have to have bad ideas than put in than try to make them work. People, if given the time, will come up with a solution, if given enough time, will come up with similar solutions, but to come up with an original solution, I have to make a bad solution, a mistake even, into something that works. Not come up with the best way but something that works. And who knows, we may even acquire the tools that make it worthwhile or, more importantly, find a problem we can apply it too.

So this blog is an exploration of ideas or the process of creating them, the theme is changing my mind a somewhat destructive process. I have to present my ideas, my understandings, and most importantly, the thoughts(ideas, beliefs) I’m embarrassed of; to see the mistakes, the errors, the misconceptions, and the place where external circumstances caused me to be embarrassed to share an idea. To do that, I need to disinhibit myself of the fear, the self-doubt, and the social considerations; I shall first present my ideas and only then judge them. I shall make them real by writing them out and then interact with them and tweak them. This is not an easy process, well without drugs, but I want access to my creative self without needing external stimulus.

The most important point to remind myself here is that this is an exploration of my knowledge and of myself; I need to be willing to face what I find. But until I reach that point, what you see is what you get.

If tomorrow morning this still looks brilliant to me I shall begin to make it into a course on awakening your creative self. or maybe just exploring your own ideas, an extension of brainstorming the next step maybe. The people who will seek it out probably won’t be the people who need it most but they at least will make use of it.

I just thought of writing a list here because I am producing content for an audience; however, small, said audience might be. But I realized it wouldn’t line up directly with the topic of exploration; more importantly, it would be dishonest as I did it because I felt embarrassed by the above post despite how important it seems to me it seemed like less than would be expected from me. So instead, I will be willing or at least begin a habit of behavior to value my own exploration and not to stick some incomplete idea to the end.

By the way, I realized that you couldn’t comment on my posts from the main page. If you want to do so, you have to click on the title of the post to comment on the post itself. I will implement a general comments section or a discussion board eventually, but I don’t see the point at the moment because the last time I got any feedback was more than a month ago so that it wouldn’t be worth the space. (of course, I probably will get an audience faster if the structures are already in place, but I’m somewhat lazy, and I have other priorities in my life. Really I should get past the excuses so if it isn’t too complicated for me to understand I’ll get it by the end of the week)

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