10 Ideas For Things That Could Be In Heaven For Humans…

…This is assuming that there is a heaven that our perspective remains that of a human, that Heaven isn’t personal, the existence of an omnipotent God, that personal freedoms are sacrosanct (at least in heaven), that privacy, at least from other people, is the right of every person, that we experience the world through a human body, etc. I am not sure if everything I mentioned here would be in heaven some of the things here are things I value solely as a result of my culture but I am assuming we retain an approximation of our forms.

  1. Sensations Filters – Some sensations keep us alive and a certain degree of being uncomfortable helps us feel human and gives value to some actions such as cleaning ourselves. But there is no reason that in heaven we have to actually feel the same amount of discomfort we do on earth; instead, we can have most discomforts filtered out and have them slowly come back into our memory before we relieve ourselves of them, by showering or eating get your mind out of the gutter. (and I will do so too.)
  2. A Creation Network – This is a mechanism, a part of the universe people can access not a physical thing unless that is easier for us to comprehend, better I get the terms out of the way now. But in this case, I am talking about a mechanism through which people can create any object through imagination and then editing by describing the changes they want or through a system optimized to them. There will be an innocuous trigger used to access and close the system and it will retain anything written within it.
  3. Super Text To Speak – Ever wanted to write something down just by speaking it out. A mechanism that does that perfectly.
    (I am somewhat biased in this list as I find great pleasure in creating but derive the most enjoyment out of having my ideas come to life still there is a degree of effort and attention that will be needed to make this work so that the work still feels worth it.)
  4. Ultimate Framing Mechanism – A mechanism through which people can define and save states of mind that allows people to set for themselves the actions they need to take to get back into that frame of mind. The framing effect but with the ability to change old framing mechanisms and to switch between frames in moments.
  5. A True Mastery School – A place where the actions needed to take to achieve mastery are laid out in a near-perfect form, where someone can learn anything know the steps the process and what is needed. The reason I stated that it is near perfect is that some people derive their greatest meaning out of educating others. These people will have a home where people will be able to request personal tutoring and even forgo the system entirely so that they can learn what they want from someone else. The system will not be perfectly customized and people will still struggle to learn but they will reap the rewards tenfold see their own progress and get to learn anything or master any skill in a tenth of the time as it would take them as it did on earth. Actually scratch out that last bit we don’t want to devalue the people who did it on earth.
  6. Multiple Heavens – there will be multiple heavens where systems can be improved or customized in multiple ways. People will arrive where they have a chance to contribute in the way that they value most and they won’t be aware of the other systems as they will exist on the same plane unless…
  7. A Possibility For Exploration – The Heavens will all exist on the same plane they will exist as super-cities and there will be large unoccupied stretches of land between them. There will be millions of beautiful geographical features both inside and between the heavens. People will have many ways to explore and become accustomed to things they used to believe were uncomfortable and even eventually find their own secret treasures.
  8. Actual Monsters – Now don’t leave, I don’t necessarily mean this in a wish-fulfillment sense but this is heaven so that too now that I think about it. Humans are inherently tribalistic and while I can say that going to heaven would bure them of that trait, that would be a cop-out on my part; I said that we remain human here.
    So, hell will be accessible from heaven people will be able to watch the monsters, and people who are being redeemed from hell will get a chance to escape. The demons will be the other but hey also would be a force of nature. People who valued themselves by what they did tp save other people would have that chance here they would have what they need and they would both save and redeem people who didn’t deserve to go to heaven in the first place. People whose life purpose was to help others change would also have a place here helping those who were saved to early become people deserving of being saved.
  9. Wild Lands To Work On And Fast Growing Plants To Grow And Breed – want to taste something new want to expand the area and capacity of what people can do here is a place for you. There will rarely be food shortages not because people don’t need to eat, I decided people will remain human minus aging after all, but because the number of people who value themselves by their ability to provide for others will always be able to produce enough food and cooks will get to cook people can buy precooked and all food will be delicious not because it magically becomes so but because people have mastered their art and so that they can eat the fruit of their labor.
  10. Super Fast Transportation Within Heavens – It will be fast it will be comfortable but it won’t be from everywhere to everywhere. everything from cars to planes and more will exist for travel between the heavens and within specially built tracks, but within heavens, there will be the perfect system to get people from place to place all of which at the very most a 10-minute walk away. (it’s important for us to move a bit the only people who it will be farther for are those who don’t want it on their huge property)

This is not a complete list, I have spent more than an hour on it but I am nowhere near done I believe I got most of the basics down but there could be a near-infinite amount of detail and I have a limited amount of mental capacity so here it is. I present to you a Heaven not free of challenge but limited in suffering, I don’t know if it is possible to completely stop people from suffering but here at least people would always be able to find purpose. If I missed a type of purpose feel free to enlighten me. I intend to make a second list eventually so here to that and have a nice day.

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