12 Way’s To Describe Empty Space

Well, it’s hard to come up with a Heaven that works. People change and they need different things. It’s a complex topic and for everything, I add there are more and more potential causes of suffering. People change but heaven is seen as eternal and I don’t know how to create a system that will keep people sane through that. I don’t have much time for today’s post so I’ll try to keep it interesting.

  1. A place things can be but aren’t
  2. Actually filled with air until we are taught that that is not actually the case
  3. Somewhere we can be
  4. Something to fill
  5. Something that provides perspective
  6. A hole in the universe
  7. A place where there is the universe but nothing else
  8. A device used to take advantage of the force applied by air
  9. Something minimalists value but you probably don’t
  10. Something art can only express through perspective
  11. A black hole without the mass
  12. Something that when searched for is never found

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