12 Ideas For Short Stories

Shabbat was out at 8:09 today so I wasn’t very focused on getting a blog post out, so this is my comfort zone I hope that is at the very least entertaining but if it isn’t I promise I’ll spend at least an hour on this tomorrow. (It will still probably be a five-minute read at most so I’m changing my promise I’ll use a word counter and make something that takes at least ten minutes to read in addition to my normal post, I’ll use it to revitalize not being a hypocrite and resume my promise to write 10 really short stories.)

  1. How I Met Your Father – and how he found me
  2. Lost Deep Under – Is this all real, Is life a simulation, why do I choose to forget?
  3. Don’t Look In The Well – What happens when you forbid things
  4. Plastic Surgery – Otherwise known as covering old wounds
  5. Fried Eggs – About being locked in an old people home
    – (okay I’m being too predictable let me try something less safe)
  6. Dragon Soup – The dragons talking about in the good old days they ate humans. I would try to make it a joke about power creep in all forms of media even those there shouldn’t be power creep in.
  7. All Vampires Are Gentlemen – Truly a continuation of modern trends unless…
    – (Just write Ilan write the more you think the more I’ll mess stuff up)
  8. Talking To Myself – Why not to plead insanity
  9. Redemption Hoax – How the paragons died
  10. Far From The People – How to lose an election by doing the right thing
  11. Ambiguity – Using the most common words to write a story that can be interpreted every which way (this whole story would be a narrative device which justifies and pushes forward the use of rarer words. by showing what happens when you don’t)
  12. Tone Of Voice – Someone practicing for a speech a practise in communicating tone

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