10 Methods Of Reincarnation

Religious beliefs etc, I’m being creative here so I hope none of these are practiced anywhere but if they are good luck to you. My story, if you can call it that, was based on one of these ideas but I had quite a few when coming up with it so I’ll see what I can put down here.

  1. The souls exist in the waters contained within the body, but the only way to preserve the soul is to have the body’s waters storied in a living being. In order to do so, cacti are planted in the bodies of the recently dead. In order for a soul to reincarnate, the waters from the cactus must be the first thing the child drinks.
  2. A more morbid form of the previous one. Souls are in the flesh.
    Pregnant females must eat the recently deceased so that the soul gets transferred to their child, either when developing or through breast milk.
  3. Souls are transferred through the earth. When someone dies, their soul moves to the first thing to touch the ground. As soon as someone dies, a tree grown separate from the earth is planted, and to give children souls, they “kill” a tree as the child touches the ground.
  4. Not everyone has a soul. People achieve souls through great deads and achievements, and when a great warrior dies in battle, their souls are taken by their killer, and to get that soul back, one must defeat the killer in battle.
  5. People’s souls are their lives and their works. We live on through our students but only one gets to inherit our soul. People would reincarnate through an apprentice system where they become one with their students and all that came before them. (I feel I am stretching the definition of reincarnation, and that this is just a religious interpretation of a human feeling. I know but this is where I landed.)
  6. People reincarnate because there are a limited number of souls in the world and once there are too many people in the world them some people are born without souls the only way to guarantee your child will have a soul is through less than pleasant means. But don’t worry about the things you’re killing they aren’t real people they don’t have a soul.
  7. People can entrust their souls into specific objects, these soul guides go along the family, and when great need awakens a young child is given his ancestor’s soul guide and taught to become him, to become what he was that child may as he grows up alter or repair his soul guide, but he is never to create another for he is that soul and he will do its duty.
  8. In order for someone to reincarnate, he must find a body who has raised the presence of its original soul. Monks are trained from a young are to be devoid of emotion and to wipe themselves clean while trained in the ways of the soul that they will host. At their coming of age ceremony, they go meet with the elders and never again return as themselves instead when they come out as the second coming of the great soul they trained their whole life to become.
  9. There is no death. All people are reincarnated into the animal closest to them and such it is both customary to keep animals in the household and to respect them as if they are your dead ancestors. Because they are.
  10. Souls are transferred through mushrooms. At a certain age, all people grow there own personal head fungus and that head fungus carries their soul. they share their soul with their loved ones and it is customary to feed the souls of the dead to their children to allow their spirit to eventually be reborn.

The story ended up being more of a scene than a story, I’m not sure If I can even call it that it is 160 words long, but I’m proud of what I’ve done. I’m too lazy to actually reformat my blog pages at the moment so it’s currently hidden somewhere on my blog and I’ll give it a better place tomorrow.

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