10 Descriptions For Monster

I don’t know what I mean by this but I’ll figure out by the third entree to the list.

  1. Something as dangerous as a human without the restraint.
  2. A being that uses its high intelligence to cause harm to sentient beings.
  3. A colloquial term used to describe political opponents in the attempt to paint them as so despicable that they don’t even deserve a platform for their ideas.
  4. People who have done horrible things that we don’t agree with.
  5. Something more dangerous than us.
  6. Something that hunts human beings.
  7. We see people as monsters when we fear them, but also when we fear that we are like them. It’s often used to distance ourselves from those people as we don’t want to consider ourselves as capable of the actions they are taking.
  8. A big thing with scary claws or teeth.
  9. A term used to define fantasy creatures, often to represent their possible power, their otherness, or just in order to create something villainous that we can cheer as horrible things are done to and happen to.
  10. A creation of myth to represent the problems seen by society, or to teach a lesson to younger generations.

I promise to put in more effort tomorrow; I wrote out a different ramble today but it wasn’t even clear enough to warrant posting.

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