20 Unused Video Topics

To my limited knowledge and a quick youtube search

  1. Top 10 Sewage systems in the world – why they are the best top innovative technologies why don’t we have more experts in sewage systems you guys care about the environment don’t you? (sorry for the passive-aggressive tone It seems to get more attention; I crave attention.)
  2. The discovery and popularization of cleaning chemicals
  3. The All-natural catastrophe – Farming and how GMO’s saved the environment and third world countries. (I’m not talking about health here relax, my point is that while there may be health benefits to avoiding GMO’s {I know very little regarding the health effects of most foods} by stoping their production we are hurting people in third world countries and using more land for farming than necessary.)
  4. Eating habits in ancient societies –
  5. How to write bad music for your friends – and eventually how to write good music.
  6. Forced originality – how to break the mold by changing the music you write to feel slightly unnatural. and how to get people accustomed to new things.
  7. How to utilize wasted time – How to build a system of distractions that turn wasted time into learning and exercise.
  8. Busy doing nothing – why you want to stop and how to.
  9. Legalese: now old laws are so dated that it’s hilarious
  10. Linking fingers between the shoulder blades moving toes separately mastering ear twitches and other things achievable through carful exercise
  11. Base 24 is stupid and better ways to measure time – although 60 is a pretty good number for fractions…
  12. Uses of Why – The word why tends to sound somewhat accusatory so how would you want to use it and how not to
  13. 40 things you can make in forty minutes – it would probably be a series of videos
  14. When does something become old – what things become older faster what do we mean by old and all that.
  15. the problem with unrealistic heroes – and how to tell when they are or aren’t
  16. History is stranger than… – How to use bizarre historical occurrences to justify weird events in your work of fiction
  17. Sending things flying – Best methods of launching objects what object look best when flying through the air in slow motions
  18. least frames possible – how to make things look fast while keeping animation fluid
  19. Cutting things out – 5 movie scenes that would look better if we cut out some frames
  20. How to change your own preferences – You acquired them why can’t you change them.

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