24 Undeveloped Comedic Songs Ideas

It’s Friday

  1. Three Bottles Up His…
  2. Gentle Buzzing in Multiple Keys
  3. Lesson Never Learnt
  4. Pushing Things Off – but not too far
  5. The Perfect Song Name
  6. Out Of Ideas On How To Be Creative
  7. Taking From My Brother
  8. Remember To Do This
  9. I can’t Come Up With Things
  10. I Ran Out Of Time To Write This So This Is Just What Is Popping Into My Head
  11. I started Everything
  12. Full Of Yourself
  13. Anything Can Be – but you
  14. She Had The Perfect Knees
  15. He Speaks Like This!!!
  16. Minor Second – arrest
  17. Major Majo Major
  18. Good Bye Mother
  19. Minor Minor Minor – but happy
  20. Less is More – until there is nothing left
  21. Baricade The Windows
  22. Don’t Forget to Bring Cake
  23. The Household Plant
  24. The Speedreader From Hell
  25. What The Hell Was I Thinking

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