It Was Hot Today

Yesterday’s post was bad, today’s post will also probably be bad; not as a direct result of the weather (though I do want to use it as an excuse) but as a result of the general lack of planning I put into this blog.
Shabbat is coming out after 8 at this point so I’ll experiment a bit here but I’ve given up on writting anthing more today, I’ll put more effort in on Sunday. (give my self at least an hour and leave myself time to go over extra time after)

It was hot today;
desert winds did blow away,
with movement in the air,
temperature did thoughts impair.

Not a cloud in sight;
we could hardly sleep at night,
still, we got our rest,
clothing was not for the best.

Patterns getting lost;
wishing for sky’s full of frost,
the temperature was high,
so much air and oh so dry.

Tried to think a bit;
to write something that would fit,
but it was hot today;
desert winds blew thoughts away.

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