10 Reasons People Would Change In Heaven

…If they remained human of course. I’m continuing with a whole lot of presuppositions and don’t have 10 of these, to begin with, so I may stretch things a little but there are probably thousands so here goes. I’m not assuming a consistent image of heaven, mainly because I don’t have a consistent view of heaven my first assumption would be constant bliss and I’ll adjust my assumptions as I find more flaws in them as I fill in the list…

  1. Complacency – People would let skills degrade, ignore healthy habits, and since they’re already in heaven, the right actions will be done from a sense of responsibility and will lose their value. Everyone will still act that way, habit, and all that, but their reasoning will change; they may slip up and find no reason to go back that leads into this next one…
  2. Lack of Effort – Really, this could have been concluded in the previous one, but there is a reason I thought of these as separate, so I’ll try and elaborate. People may still put in effort, but they won’t need to; after a period of time, they will overcome all the challenges in heaven, and a few years of merely lazing about will cause them to change. Forever is a long time.
    – (I realized that most of these would blend into each other, I’m not developing heaven as an idea while writing this as much as I wanted too, but this can serve other purposes.)
  3. Lack of Conflict – Some skills degrade, and we get accustomed to acting differently around people and things. No worry is one thing, but the people in heaven are surrounded by other good people, and interactions and communications would probably occur on entirely different levels.
  4. Lack Of Worry And Stress – Lacking struggle, most people will naturally let some skills relax and naturally degrade. Even if we say that that isn’t a thing in heaven. (there’s a reason the soul is seen as separate from the body.) Just the lack of stress and worry would be a significant change in the way people act, and the time they take to consider ideas.
    – (Okay let me try a different approach)
  5. People Can Become Careless and Cruel – everyone’s needs are taken care of, supposedly, and they have nothing they Have to do. So they start experimenting with new behaviors. What’s the cost of bad behavior when everyone’s taken care of anyway.
  6. People Don’t Take Care Of Themselves – Why should I dress up I look Perfect?
  7. People Will Try To Create Strife – when perfect becomes normal when we get used to it, we will try to do something new, and many will try to rise to the top by creating a bottom.
  8. People Won’t Get Up – People will eventually accomplish everything they wanted everything being there, to begin with, if they don’t try for more, they’ll work for less. Incredibly industrious people may even break down; there needs to be something for humans to create.
  9. People Will Seek Self-Improvement – To end on a less depressing note, some people will always try to be better, at least in the beginning. Some may try to improve forever.
  10. People Will Find Their Own Pleasure Button And Abuse It – Drugs, or their equivalent even if people never degrade physically they may just stop caring, It doesn’t matter that there are no side effects, in heaven, they’ll become plants. Plants existing in ultimate ecstasy but plants nonetheless

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