24 Excuses For Not Putting In The Effort

I’m not stating that all of these are always excuses or that they are never valid; they often are just excuses, and that’s my focus today.

  1. I already tried doing something else today…
  2. It won’t be worth it
  3. It won’t be up to standard anyway
  4. I don’t want to set a high bar for myself
  5. I just can’t seem to get it right
  6. It has to be perfect, and it will never be perfect so why bother
  7. I feel like crap today
  8. The weather makes it so hard to work on x,y,z
  9. I’ve been doing this for so long I just need to take a break
  10. It isn’t good enough, so I’ll just make something smaller instead
  11. I’m tired
  12. I don’t sleep enough for this
    – (I need something less… I don’t know does cheap work here?)
  13. I just can’t do this it’s too hard
    – (ugh sometimes I disappoint myself)
  14. ugh sometimes I disappoint myself I don’t want to disappoint myself if I don’t try then I still could have done better
  15. I’m a genius I can get it done in a few hours why should I do it now?
  16. My grandmother’s uncle’s stepmother’s thrice removed cousin died last week, and it hit me so hard I can’t focus on anything else.
  17. The book I’m reading is so good I have to finish
  18. I’m in the middle of learning something so important I can’t do what I promised instead…
  19. I don’t know what to do there are so many things to work on I’ll get this done after an hour on that, and half an hour on the other thing…
  20. It’s late I’m tired I pushed it off to far already I shouldn’t even bother anymore
  21. I’ll do it tomorrow or later and I’ll do it well with all the effort then
  22. I did enough today and It’s time for me to rest I can finish it tomorrow (Ignore that I’m behind on schedule because I pushed it off too much and this is the only day that I did the required amount)
  23. Look, I’ve already done enough I know I promised more but this is more than enough to make a complete project it’s time to stop – honestly this would be a good reason not to but only if you pushed yourself too hard.
  24. It’s about time I stopped worrying about this and if I don’t do it I won’t worry about it; stress is a problem and I don’t want to be more stressed so I’ll just ignore it, or something less obvious…

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