12 Things The Existence Of Which Would Change The World

Or for a less pompous title; 24 Things That Would Completely change the world if they existed. Today’s rule is no backspacing; grammatical fixes only because otherwise I would never finish this list. Still, I tried awfully hard to be original so I hope that lasts.

  1. Concrete that doesn’t degrade
  2. A good autocorrect and grammar fixer – by good, I mean something which is both automatic and perfect all the time. I like what I have but…
  3. Something that instantly, well near-instantly, summarised anything in a quick and easily understood manner
    – (I’m losing myself here, again)
  4. Permanent skin dye – realistic also works
  5. Cell Sharing – a mechanism through which people can inject or implate parts of other creatures without the immune system attacking it, essentially a marker that makes something seem like part of the body on a cellular level.
  6. Household 3d printer/recyclers
  7. Garbage-Eating Moss – Put in in a landfill it will grow, consume most of the garbage with minimal waste, hopefully, be made into something, but not be able to grow in natural conditions. Maybe it will require a huge amount of something…
  8. Plankton which can digest plastics – Gome on bioengineers get at it
    – (well, I don’t need them to change the world for the better…)
  9. An easy way to produce and store pure sodium – It’s slightly explosive, this could be the same way for many dangerous chemicals, but I can’t get the idea of salt bombs out of my head.
  10. Cheap Helicopters – quite as well; maybe…
  11. High-Quality Cheap Sound Insolation – you know the things we would allow if we couldn’t hear them. And I don’t necessarily mean that from a malicious perspective but thinking of cheap helicopters and how sound is a large factor in why the effect would be limited.
    – (I should have just said flying machines for number 10)
  12. Industrial Air Filters – At a scale in which production facilities can not produce smog, this, of course, comes along with a storage mechanism and a way to recycle the gases.

Instead of rushing through and making mistakes the no backtracking rule caused me to spend far too much time thinking through a few of the ideas than rushing past the details. Still, I didn’t think theme through enough so I’ll do it tomorrow.
Tomorrow’s post will be me actually going into those details and attempting to explain these.

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