10 Possible Effects Of Longer Lasting Roads

So I started writing explanations of how the 12 things would actually affect the world than I realized that the concrete had a bunch of small things which added up than I realized that asphalt is technically concrete as well and that I couldn’t fully explain roads their so here is an attempt to do that. Tomorrow’s post will probably be about longer-lasting buildings if I continue with this trend. (12 things -> concrete which doesn’t deteriorate as fast/roman concrete -> roads that last longer. I am editing the entries to make more sense as I am making sense of what I put out now)

  1. Out of the way, towns would get more traffic – The road would be in much better shape, and side paths would get a lot more attention.
  2. Fewer dirt roads – If roads needed less maintenance and renewal there is a far higher likelihood that people would pay to have a road paved once or twice instead of driving on nothing
  3. More side paths – While main highways will steal large sections of traffic from other parts of the road, old roads and paths will remain comfortable to use twenty or thirty years after the fact, and so people will use them more often.
  4. More personal routes – The prevalence and use of side paths will also lead to people getting used to their own “personal” routes, and as the road won’t change much, and main highways will be treated differently slightly fewer people may have their own “personal” route that they prefer. I may be stretching things a little here.
  5. Less tire demand – This is pretty self-explanatory. Better roads mean less wear and tear on tires. The opposite effect could also happen though with people using roads for longer, and despite the way being in decent shape, it doesn’t mean small rocks don’t get knocked into it or something. I’m exploring here; don’t expect everything to make sense…
  6. Fewer traffic accidents – less over-compensating, potholes, etc.
    – (and here I’ll start contradicting myself. Hey, these things are complicated.)
  7. Increased frequency of traffic accidents – People may get used to driving on better roads and be less accustomed to bad roads, ones that weren’t paved well, a few remaining dirt roads, etc.
  8. Travel times by car would be reduced – More roads are useless traffic, accidents on main roads, and a smother drive what’s not to love. The backfire here would be more people using the road so that the opposite happens. (I should write something about things backfiring sometimes)
  9. More convoluted bus routes – There will essentially be more roads in use so busses between small towns will use them.
  10. It would take longer for some things to fall apart – ghost towns, dead cities, and all that would still get some traffic through them slowing their demise and possibly providing a small source of revenue for the more opportunistic.
    – (let me tack 2 more things at the end to make this a list of 12 instead of 10. I should have thought of these earlier)
  11. More road use in out of the way places – The roads will be better so cars will be more valuable. you wouldn’t need a truck to get around and newer cars could still be shown off without having to drive on dirt roads.
  12. More gas stations in out of the way places – More road use in the area more expensive cars. Backfire fewer gas guzzlers, but let’s be real here…

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