Long-Lasting Construction

Okay so yesterday was about roads, today will be about construction and I would do something about environmental impact tomorrow but I don’t want to put in the research. So tomorrow would be something about autocorrect and grammar fixers.

So here 10 possible consequences of using longer-lasting constructions materials, primarily concrete

  1. People would be sued for graffiti more often – these buildings will be here for a long, long time, and they’ll look like there new so expect many lawsuits about harming property values.
  2. Property value would go up – Lower maintenance cost.
  3. Cities would decay more slowly – Poor People would put a lot less time and resources into taking care of their home. Also, there would be better insolation in the winter because there would be fewer cracks, and so that also saves money.
  4. Landlords would be less appreciated – They have far less work in maintenance to keep things running, with the increase in housing value I think rent prices would stay similar to what they were before, but It could go either way
  5. A lot more care would be put into electrical and water systems – repairing them would require damaging the integrity of the high-quality construction materials, and the patches might become weak points.
  6. People would charge more to repair the above – there might be safe ways to fix them, but far more care would be taken these buildings are meant to last hundreds of years we don’t want to leave a scar.
  7. There would be a more significant movement against bulldozing and destroying old buildings – they would be seen as pieces of the past and part of people’s childhoods…
  8. Buildings would be seen as something permanent and potentially sentimental – these are things which will stand for hundreds of years marks we are putting on the world. This may take a generation or two, but most entrie on this list would be implemented happen over long periods of time. It raises the question, by that point, would this be seen as the cause?
  9. Building would become highly regulated – As a result of the previous statements, people will care much more about the construction going on around them and the things that last that would be built. Often in these scenarios, people turn to government. This step is avoidable, but…
  10. There would be an increased interest in architecture – it’s a way to leave a mark on the world, and we can see that in the buildings from hundreds of years ago, when most buildings become such as those people who want to leave a mark on the world would see it as a chance to add to the great human landscape.

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