25 Quick Book Ideas

Something about Auto-correct will come out by Sunday. my computer was acting up and by the time the words started flowing I didn’t have the time to complete it to my satisfaction. So here’s the easiest topic for me at this point, probably because I can just think up sequels.

  1. Norman’s Travels – A novel for adults
  2. To Norman’s Aid – A sequel about dealing with disease
  3. Really Small Rocks – About how we perceive Mass and Buoyancy
  4. Landing From Great Heights – How to survive the impossible
  5. Book Is For Kidz – Explaining the history of English grammatical exceptions in a way the children will be able to identify.
  6. Spinning Winds – A superhero novel
  7. Rotating Winds – A novel about police In a superhero filled world
  8. A F*** Tornado Really!? – A book about collateral damage
  9. Momy Longlegs – A horror novel
  10. Little Longlegs – A from the perspective of the parent’s of a kid with extreme Nyctophobia
  11. Lost Legs – A crime novel
  12. Tango For Two – A romance novel about bonding over music
  13. Tango Trampoleners – Professionals laugh at a pair of love-struck novices
  14. Clarity Vs Depth – How to get the best of both worlds
  15. Water As A Metaphor – An anthropological dissection
  16. Genetics Vs Culture – A evolutionary biologist disproves anthropologists
  17. Genetics Vs Culture – How to communicate in writing (I am aware)
  18. Large Gaps – Things we think we know but actually don’t
  19. Oversized Fillings – Explaining common misunderstandings of science
  20. Nothing From Something – An environmentalists plea
  21. Grappling With The Courts – A legal book about a professional MMA fighter
  22. Boxing In Bars – The plot thickens
  23. Double Tapping Politicians – They find a way out
  24. Lazer Dancers – Turning Rave into an artform
  25. Lazer Tarampolene – Artists create a new and accessible form of dance

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