10 Quick Song Ideas

I have to get to bed soon and realized my Something About Autocorrect is taking me far longer than anticipated, I’m doing in a format I haven’t used much before and need a few days to get it looking proper. On the upside it will probably be a few thousand words long. It is mainly my fault for starting working on it so late but I did work on other things today so I have an excuse (a bad one, I’ll work on it. [Look, my new catchphrase]). For now a quicky.

  1. Flaming Spears From Hell – A song about getting used to the supposedly torturous daily tasks
  2. Drinking From The Same Cup – A young person with a healthy immune system brags in the form of song
  3. The Time Before Clocks – A song reminiscing about the time before clocks where exactness didn’t matter and the moon put us to sleep
  4. Upside Daisy – A song revealing a crime so dire so hidden, because the victim was considered so annoying, until years later, when she was too good for this filthy earth.
  5. Rolling Sevens – A song teaching statistics to kids, In a style which is at least somewhat entertaining for adults
  6. Rain In The Summer – Lighthearted song about traveling to strange places
  7. Nobody Gets Me – A lament because no one understands my {insert expletive here} sarcasm
  8. Ink Where It Hurts The Most – making bad decisions to force your future self to party
  9. Eating In A Bar – A song about not dating, I’m not, I really am satisfied. And stuff like that
  10. Accordion Is The Best Instrument Ever – I’m serious, fight me. I’ll even compose this once I learn how to play accordion well, but that level of mastery will probably take a few years if I don’t make it my main thing.

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