10 Possible Consequences of The-Summery-Machine

The-Summery-Machinetm is a NYET (a Not Yet Existent Technology) that creates summaries for various forms of media (videos, articles, podcasts, etc.). The-Summery-Machinetm creates can also create a summary of whatever information is presented on an open webpage and has multiple settings, settings such as, ignore punctuation (in case there are errors), information regarding {insert topic or keyword}, and many more. The-Summery-Machinetm is more than just an improved version of Summery Generator and OTS, as it can be kept on in the background and has a whole host of features and optimizations to make sure you can collect the information you need. (It also probably collects personal data, but that’s most software nowadays, maybe if it were appropriately priced as there would be a few servers required to keep the learning program on and there are constant fixes and updates would probably be needed for words and phrases which aren’t read properly, but that’s how things are.)

Possible consequences of the The-Summery-Machinetm becoming commonly used.

  1. Less Condensed Communication – As the summery machine will quickly filter out unimportant information people who feel the need to communicate their information concisely will feel less so and allow themselves to become more creative in their writing as the information can always be summarized using The-Summery-Machinetm.
  2. More Condensed Drier Communication – The-Summery-Machinetm becoming popular will show some content creators now interested people are in getting the information and so the will write more precisely with less fluff.
  3. Less Developed Writing Skills In Essays – people won’t have to write that interestingly or clearly if their ideas can be condensed into a shorter form, or people just pick out certain parts.
  4. Confirmation Bias Acting Up – People will search only for the information they want and may the program will filter out unrelated information.
  5. A More Opinionated Public – I mean this in a good way people may develop more detailed opinions or have political opinions regarding some matters and not others because when looking at an article on a certain subject the author’s opinions on subjects they are less versed in, but that are popular in the same political circles, will be filtered out.
  6. Politica Propaganda Will Be Less Effective (in countries where this is allowed) – Because shoehorned political opinions will be filtered out.
  7. More Lies Consiparcy And Propaganda – People will be accustomed to looking at summaries with possibly simplified information and believe it is backed by the source material. But in all honesty, do people really read the sources today.
  8. People Will Look At Sources – If it looks interesting they may even read the full article. And they may see more nuance if the program is working correctly, as it will present a lot of information not shown in the thing that led them to said source. (most things can go both ways)
  9. Some People Will Simply Post Walls Of Text – Literal walls of text, like a super-wiki where you get the information related to your search filters.
  10. Even Shorter Attention Spans – Altho the opposite may also happen because people with short attention spans may be more inclined to read so another entry.
  11. Curious People Will Know More – Because they will be able to consume more information in less time. (a cop-out on my part but I was done at 9)

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  1. I like the idea of a “Summer”y Machine. It makes everything feel more like summer. It takes all quotes and makes them feel sun-shiny.

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