12 Uses For The Word Prime

I’ll be writing both today’s and tomorrow’s post today (I’ll time tomorrows so that I can still claim to be daily) because tomorrow’s is Shavuot and we don’t write or use computers on holidays. I’ll do the permanent skin dye post sometime next week maybe after Shabbat goes out but I’m writing 2 posts now and don’t have the time or attention to consider that. I’ve decided to do an experiment with these posts I’ll see what I learn. And if it isn’t obvious I’ll explain it in a subsequent post. I’m trying to be gramaticaly acurate but who knows really…

  1. It was my prime priority.
  2. You are prime in my consideration.
  3. A prime cut of beef
  4. A prime example of the word.
    – (I should write full sentences but I get too involved in the details, I’d do it if I started writing this earlier but with the haircut and the cleaning I haven’t managed my time well today)
  5. Our prime objective is the continued survival of the species.
  6. When we say life on earth, we are referring to humanity as the prime example, and not to all life as a whole.
  7. The prime performance tonight will be Gimba and his Sea-lions.
  8. 2, 3, and 5 are prime numbers is 1 prime?
  9. Give me the prime statements, I don’t need the fluff.
  10. Prime the cannons!
    – (I now have a theory why we use the words primarily, and primary, more often prime has too many definitions)
  11. We don’t start the meeting until the prime individuals arrive.
  12. There are many more statements I could have thought to put here but they weren’t prime in my thoughts.

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