12 Uses For The Word Lineage

I used a random word generator for this, but I skipped a whole lot of words I didn’t like.

  1. The dog comes from a rich lineage.
  2. You come from a lineage of fools.
  3. It comes from a lineage of unproved theories but it may be provable.
  4. Biology and chemistry both come from the same lineage.
  5. There is a rich lineage of products derived from the humble L.E.D.
  6. Lineage is a hard word to create sentences for because they all seem to sound wrong.
  7. I come from a lineage of successful businessmen and yet I can’t seem to find success in my endeavors.
  8. It is the only species left from its lineage.
    – (I don’t like this word that much can you tell?)
  9. These aren’t true royals, it’s nothing more than a lineage of rich theives!
  10. many people claim superiority based on their lineage.
  11. Why would you ever dishonor your lineage like that?
  12. While my parent’s lived good lives we can’t seem to escape our stained lineage.

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