12 Sentences Using The Word Gate

Well, what I learned from the uses of words post is that we tend to speak in a few tenses, common versions of words become used more often than different versions of them and that language changes over time. (well duh, but now I Get it) Really I didn’t learn what I wanted from the experiment so next time I’ll do it, I’ll do it when I have enough of an audience so that people will point out all the uses for the words I in my tunnel vision didn’t see. (it’s why the posts take me so much time to write, sometimes I have to take a break and start anew. But hey, I’m working on it.)
Still, give it at least 3 tries so here goes, maybe I should put more thought into what words I chose but what happens when it’s the first non-compound word to be randomly generated.

  1. The gate opened up and we’ll drive through.
  2. It was an opening, a gate to something we had not seen before.
  3. I opened the gate to let the cows graze.
  4. the door to my house is like a gate, it’s meant to stop the wrong people from coming through.
  5. The door to my garden is a gate, it opens to all who ask.
  6. It’s a gate, it keeps the animals out.
  7. I know it’s a gate, a gate to what though?
  8. Each of us has a gate in our minds, it’s either open or closed but once people know how to open it there isn’t much we can do to stop them.
  9. A gate can be a metaphor for many things but we use the word doorway instead because people are boring.
  10. I should have a gate in front of my house so that I can leave the dogs untied.
  11. Open the gate so that I can get onto the hilltop.
  12. The gare to the temple is the main entrance but there is always a less conspicuous entrance for the cleaning staff

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