24 Grammatically Correct Sentences Never* Seen Before

The permanent skin dye post will be out tomorrow; I kinda flew through the day and my thoughts were completely off-topic. I still feel I can do something valuable with the topic so if tomorrow’s post won’t cut it I’ll see what research I can do for a post the next day. So today I’m putting up an old project I dropped a while back and decided to complete something of it now, so here is something.

Here is an attempt to construct 24 sentences that have never been said before. Since I’m not omniscient, I’m not sure how original I can be. Nevertheless, I do have access to the internet. So I am challenging myself to make sentences (or at least to try) that the average native English-speaker can understand. Also, I promise not to rephrase sentences too often and to try to use a varied word choice.

  1. She’s haunted by you because she has arachnophobia.
  2. My parents always said I looked like a spider, but I assumed that they were joking.
  3. Haven’t you ever wonder why people call you man-spider Holly Jess Madison? (I am claiming attempted originality regardless of my choice in character name. this does not apply to the names of religious or historical figures) 
  4. I thought they knew I once had a conjoined twin, undeveloped brain and all that, besides spiders have eight appendages, not six.
  5. What, in the name of my Marduk, are you two doing in my recently deceased mother’s mansion?
  6. Isn’t Marduk the Babylonian god who got all the others drunk then promised to kill their mother in exchange for becoming their overlord?
  7. No, you man-spider Marduk is the codename for a hitman people hire to get their inheritance faster.
  8. Be careful what you say to him; he’s holding a sharp-looking antique sword, and we are trespassing on his property. …
  9. Interview with Brian Jackobson(), the man who claims to have killed a spider-like monster with an antique sword. (I am probably overestimating my originality I probably should focus on adding more detail to the sentences, but I’m getting caught up in the excuse to write a crappy story)
  10. Hello Boris, arachnids have eight appendages and the creature you killed only had six, wouldn’t the creature you killed be better described as insectoid? 
  11. While I am not fully aware of the differences between arachnids and other insects, I am pretty sure the creature I killed looked more like a spider than anything else. …
  12. Breaking news local man admitted to killing our beloved yet ugly Holly Jess Madison, the police are currently interrogating him to see what he did with her boyfriend, Bob Joseph Feldman. …
  13. The guy who killed holly had hired a hitman named after a Mesopotamian god to kill his mother.
  14. I couldn’t help but overhear was the hitman you mentioned, named after a Mesopotamian god, possibly Marduk?
  15. No, I was talking about a hitman named after Enki, of course, it was Marduk.
  16. Can you please lead me to the police station where they are interviewing spider killer.
  17. She wasn’t a spider creature; her name was holly, and you have no business asking that?
  18. Apologies I’m from the FBI I’ve been hunting after Marduk for 20 years and the spider killer, sorry holly’s killer, is suspected of having hired him.
  19. I need to know the Sumerian password before it changes.
  20. The police station is on the third corner to the right of the marijuana dispensary, as they like to keep an eye on it…
  21. The FBI has no authority here, and we don’t let arachnophobes into our police station.
  22. I’m an agent of the federal government you inbred spider-pig I’m here to help…
  23. So ‘hick’ so you’re saying, ‘hick’ that if you find this Sumar-‘hick’-Sumerian guy, we can charge the bastard for assassination as well?
  24. Contract Killing, we will charge him for both contract killing and well get the jury with the Fractiside.

*For a limited value of correct and never. I tried but not that hard. I used the grammar checker but didn’t do much polishing up.
The sentence would be both original and grammatically correct (I hope) if you remove the embellishments

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