12 Ideas for Web Serials

I had no idea how to start my Permanent (full body) skin dye post and while there are some ideas I have regarding it, I failed to communicate them in a comprehensible manner. So here is a comfort topic.
(I have an idea of what I can make of the skin dye topic so I’ll try it tomorrow)

  1. Scare Traces – What if high-intensity emotional moments left traces,
  2. Master Of Knowledge – A historical figure gets access to the internet through something left by a time traveler
  3. Finder Finders – Time traveler agency goes after things left by incompetent time travelers (I should really make a post about time travel)
  4. Turning The Tides – The time travel agency actually utilizes time travel to try and make the world a better place. (yay moral dilemmas)
  5. Modern Lairs – Villians with delusions of grandeur and really good hiding places.
  6. Shorter And More Concise – A person with super-duper empathy, can recreate or experience memories or even stories explained to him tries to find a way in a world of empathy-less monsters (Vampires and the like), and tries to change them for the better. (maybe by finding a way to transfer some of his own…)
  7. Violent Sense – in a world of heroes and monsters a man marks his place with initiative, aggression, and common sense.
  8. Confidant Art – What would happen if art had a more substantial emotional effect; Almost like drugged induced emotions some pieces of art would be illegal and there would even be certain art commissioned to start riots or to drug crowds. This could also be a good way to discuss what constitutes art.
  9. Forever Before That Day – Every person once in their life gets a chance to redo one day until it fulfills a measure of their choice…
  10. Grape Flavored Juice – A man escapes a mental hospital this is his story.
  11. Instance Of Change – A story told through last-minute flashbacks, eventually these people are brought back from the brink but after reliving years in a moment they seem to be entirely different people.
  12. Eternal Sunset – A giant meteor is about to hit the earth and somehow before the moment of impact humanity is able to slow time to a crawl at least relative to them, they are able to slow time so much that moving at what seems to be 130 kilometers an hour (80 miles) actually has people turning to energy as their moving at the speed of light.

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