10 Possible Consequences of Cell Sharing

So I simply don’t feel equipped to make another post about Permanent Skin Dye; but I feel like I owe it to you with all my promises and all: I’ll make a longer form list that will be out next Sunday. For now I’ll post as if I already finished the PSD posts so here is this.

By cell sharing, I’m referring to a mechanism by which we can prevent a living body from rejecting foreign cells. (the term possible consequences may not be the most appropriate may be possible uses would be better…)

  1. Organ Implants – well the main use of cell sharing or probably the first one
  2. Animal Organ Implants – not the most compatible but it’s better than dying. Even if the body can’t sustain itself it might prolong survival until a proper donor is found.
  3. Lab Grown Organs – Something already being worked on and far more probable than the previous entry we already are growing organs in labs but this gives us far more freedom in what organs can be implanted.
  4. Organic Brain Implants – Brain implants but using artificial or repurposed neurons to make it work. (I know it isn’t viable but with time maybe)
  5. Brains In Jars – Mainly derived from early failed brain implants where the body sustains the brain but is unable to fully… integrate? I don’t know really I kinda abandoned realism for this post. (Because I don’t know what I’m talking about this post, I did once have a better direction to go which would have fed on my strengths but I know what would happen if I tried to push this off.)
  6. A Vegetarian Digestive System – Later some people may actually implant intestine or digestive systems from vegetarian or fruitarian animals because they are eccentric or something. I don’t really see the need but I do see a movement preaching the health benefits.
  7. Organ Donation Animals – Mainly Chimps and only if growing organs is too hard.
  8. Organ Donations Would Seem More Noble – Every organ donated is a life saved, everything. The donor’s family would probably get letters of thanks for saving and condolences for saving someone’s life.
  9. Increase Organ Theft – Well it happens a bit but it would be made far more lucrative. Still, even if it happened three times more often and for more types of organs, the number of lives saved would far outnumber the lives lost.
  10. Increased Frequency Of Underground Organ Transplants – Well how else could you use stolen organs. Also, this would be made far safer as you wouldn’t need to find a perfect match.

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