10 Practical Uses For a 3d Printer

Because yesterday’s list should have had 24 entries.

  1. Replacement Parts For Household Implements – For example, a few plastic pieces holding some of the shelves in our fridge broke, and we are currently using little pieces of wood, but it could fit better.
  2. Replacement Book Covers – Old books fall apart, and we are somewhat attached.
  3. Chair Leg Extenders – Little plastic feet that latch on when the chair is uneven.
  4. Plastic Bottle Recycling – For the chair leg extenders and stuff.
  5. Reusable Plastic Bottles – If you don’t reuse the ones you have. What’s better than recycling? Not creating the waste in the first place.
  6. Laptop Stands – If your device overheats, make a net-like thing to try and help.
  7. Fans – I know you probably need a motor, but you could rig up a sort of bicycle-pedal powered fan, and that’s just funny. (practical, probably not, it’s only practical if you have very little time and want to be exercising while on a device; but if that’s the case, why would you be reading this blog?)
  8. Replacement Pieces for that chess or backgammon set – Don’t get a new one that would be wasteful. (unless you’re giving it to a friend, that’s generous.)
  9. Towel Holders – I’m out of ideas again. stick them to the wall or something. (But in all honesty that’s the point of these I don’t have half these ideas when I start to write this and as I make sense of things I try to create something new. Less so in this case, but hey I do this every day it can’t all fit.)
  10. Replacement Cabinet Handles – Entropy exists, but you could probably make these out of anything, that is true for most things on this list. A 3d printer just makes things easier.

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