20 Things I Would Make If I Had an Industrial Grade 3d Printer

I have an excuse, I’ll make a more practical list tomorrow:

  1. Springs – I would make a whole lot of springs, I would make springs until I find the opportunity to print a better material for springs
  2. Lego Compatible Springs – Lego springs, suitable for build-testing. Do I really need an excuse?
  3. Pistons – Another thing I want to figure out. Also, I would make Lego compatible pistons, and with my springs, I could easily make and remake various Lego launchers for the next bit.
  4. Lego, or Fake Lego – Lego catapults vs. Lego towers, maybe piston-powered siege weaponry. On another note, I could make or test make things out of Lego instead first, especially if I lend out or monetize my 3d printer.
  5. Proper Masks – Start by giving out a single mask to a whole community along with guides on how to tell if a mask is good or not and proper usage (no more than 3 days and all that). Then either sell for a token price or give them out to people who are at risk.
  6. Plastic Trading Cards – Why not I have a few ideas just for myself and my friends but it allows for a whole lot of fun for people who are into it. (If I had a printer instead I might go further, but I’ll try and follow my assumptions)
  7. Custom Dice – Because I can.
  8. Really Small Specific Screwdrivers – For the electronics that all need different types.
  9. Better Water Bottles – If it’s healthy to drink from, It’ll be nice to have something and we can use the plastic store-bought as material for different things. (saw a video of people doing this online, even if it’s of low quality I could figure out something)
  10. A Custom Phone Cover – I don’t have one at the moment and don’t really care either way, but I like the idea of having something I designed myself. I could also sell these for a bit people can order the designs they want. (I’m having trouble coming up with things because I have minimalistic tendencies, I thought the premise would still work because I like being different and this gives me a whole lot of chances to have my own unique things.)
  11. Art Like Things – I would make statutes, figurines, and all that jazz.
  12. Flower Pots That Look Like Flowers – Because I can.
  13. Bookshelves (In Parts) – With books painted on their sides. Because I can.
  14. Locks And Keys – To practice lock-picking and… Because I can.
  15. Glasses Frames – For the same reason as probably everything in this list. Because I can.
  16. Small Model Temple – I don’t know, I can but now that I think of it.
  17. Model Historical Battles – Then I can organize the soldiers and all that. I would probably stop halfway through.
  18. Another 3d Printer – I will become the singularity. I really won’t know what else to make and will but the parts I can’t print with the money I made from selling things I printed. I will become a singularity. I will also want to eventually buy a metal 3d printer so…
  19. A Potato Gun – because I’m out of ideas and it would be a good way to learn how to work the machine properly. Probably within the first 20 things I will print. (not counting the parts as separate things)
  20. A Mechanical Calculator – I have no idea why this interests me, but it does.

I posted this list late because I forgot to hit the publish button.

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