10 Possible Problems With Garbage-Eating Moss

The idea is to genetically engineer or to discover some plant matter than we can use to recycle landfills into biological materials or to reduce the effect on the environment. Honestly a fungus might work better.

  1. It’ll take too long – If we produce more waste than it can process this is something obvious we’ll need to work with.
  2. It will get buried under garbage – If the plant can’t breathe well than it won’t work effectively.
  3. It will only half work – Consume more organic material, and it may also become toxic or produce more waste in some ways (I know it is definitely possible but I am not sure of the specifics).
  4. It grows too well – invasive species that can live on almost anything, the answer to this is to produce different strains for all the types of waste but every strain is at risk of becoming an invasive species of plant in nearby environments.
  5. It doesn’t reproduce – only a problem if it’s expensive to provide more seeds or it has a short lifespan.
  6. It over reproduces – well it can become an invasive species even it fails in its main goal if its seeds reach far enough.
  7. Its seeds have a long gestation period – it takes time to work and can get out and survive in the wild. (The only way I can see for it not to become an invasive species is to have it over-consume resources so it can’t sustain itself outside of garbage heaps)
  8. It dies quickly – Short lifespan and all that.
  9. It’s toxic to humans – yeah this. Especially if it produces dangerous pollen.
  10. It decays into stuff which is even worse for the environment – IF you don’t plan for it, it will happen.

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