10 Additional Card/Board Game Ideas

Well I only have one real excuse for why the Permanent Skin Dye post isn’t out today Hofstadter’s Law (well actually I have no clue what to put there and have been pushing parts of it off as I didn’t put enough time aside every day but I did plan for all those things so it’s doubly relevant)

Then I was going to make a nice little post about Hofstadter’s law but that got scrapped halfway through when I lost my train of thought and my associations were too out there to be of any use or meaning to anyone else.

Some of these may be better once digitized but… eh I tried.

  1. Planet Potato – Interplanetary trade game, one of the player’s planets put a planet-infesting strain of potato onto one of their trade ships to harm the economy of a trade competitor the thing is they put in the wrong ship. War via invasive species is prohibited by the Planetary Union (the P.U), and the consequences, if you’re discovered, are dire. The player plays as diplomats from various planets as they sign off on the movement of ships and try to identify, and out, the potato’s origin. The player with the potato at the end of the game is taken out of the race, and the player with the most trade points wins. (I have a lot more to add as this being the first entry to the list took probably a third of the time I’ll be working on the list, but I have to move on)
  2. Grand Admiral General Presidential Election – The revolution is over, you won, now you know that you were the leaders of the revolution and you are the ones who need to take power afterward but your ex-co-conspirators disagree.
  3. War Stoppers – Charity organizations have to make wars known to raise funds but don’t let a competitor claim your success
  4. Counting Cards – each player has a handbook and several hands, tokens whose hand he knows, at the end of every round the most successful player that round gets outed. A player you can choose to “throw” a round by suddenly losing a whole lot of money at the end to throw off suspicion or to screw over the second-place player. And that’s already too much information.
  5. War For Seating – a game with special challenges and the player who remains seated the longest wins, time not sitting counts everything even if they had to get up to reach the cards.
  6. Counting Seconds – played in a room with no access to clocks, each player has a small cardboard clock cutout, and as they play the game, they have to move the hands of their clock cutout to match the time. Each turn, a player draws a few cards from a deck and has to discard cards according to increasingly more complicated rules to shrink their hand back down to 8 cards. a turn can’t be longer than ten seconds (they’ll be a little hourglass thing), and from the players who aren’t taken out of the game the one who’s clock cutout matches most closely the time when the game ends is the winner.
  7. Robbers and The Cop – all players except for one are bank robbers trading stolen goods; one player is a government plant, the players have to gather a matching set of goods without the plant getting enough to put them away.
  8. Three Fours, Four Fives – players have to put out sets of cards each player on their turn draws two cards, can put out a set, put one card face-up in the middle of the table. Players can take one card from the middle of the table instead of drawing. Players lose points equal to the number of cards in their hands. Sets of cards have to be one more than the number listed on the card, so a special deck is used. there are ten of each card.
  9. Aztec Football Player – The great hero passed, all are in mourning. So who’s willing to step up and take the role, the role of the great sacrificial savior. A game where players have to convince others that they are perfect for the part, and they get votes from everyone else. The player who is second place wins.
  10. Giant Sumo Burger – A fun card game about sumo wrestlers trying to get sponsorships. Be careful though you don’t want to get a heart attack.

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