9 Things That Make A Difference

I’m pushing off my Permanent Skin Dye indefinitely because I couldn’t make any sense of it on my own so I’ll see If I can work on it with someone else and post it then. So here is a thought for today.

There isn’t a real theme to today’s post so I’ll do one of those vague here are 9 vauge pieces of advice here and try to make it worth it. I do do lists anyway so not doing this would be a waste.

  1. Researching Charities – So many charities are poorly run or are outright scams, many charities fail in their end goals because they lack funding and don’t get enough attention. Research charities before giving them your money, if you want to invest in a specific good than make sure your money is going to the charity that is most involved and helpful for that good. If you put in the time, you can also figure out what charities are most effective and which ones are run by well-intentioned idiots.
  2. Idiots Aren’t At Fault – People can be blamed for not thinking enough and can learn to be better if taught. But some people are unfortunate enough to be born stupid, and they can’t help it. Your anger doesn’t help anyone.
  3. An Untrained Conscience Makes Mistakes – We are prone to many biases such as recency bias and a sometimes subtle in-group preference. We aren’t born with perfect morals, and what we see as good is often picked up at a young age by imitating adults. So, unless we train ourselves to make difficult moral decisions or to have opinions on weighty subjects when faced with difficult decisions, we may make the wrong choice, or even worse, not see the choice at all.
  4. Life Is Hard – it is, even for people for whom life is easy, it would feel like it’s worth more if it is hard. It’s somewhat ironic many seek a better life where their lower needs are fulfilled, and they don’t have to suffer to meet them. (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and all that.) But those of us living in the first world kill ourselves more. Why? Because we give up on self-actualization as something both too difficult (it’s impossible we say) and because we seek contentment over completion.
  5. We Like Overcoming Challenges – well duh, but we don’t like taking them on. Sometimes doing something difficult just because it’s the right thing to do is for our own benefit. It’s a challenge for us to overcome, and it’s a positive influence we can have on the world.
  6. Way Up Consistently – I’m a bit of a hypocrite on this account, and you’ve probably heard it before, but getting enough sleep is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I don’t even have to tell you why but for the how? Here are a few ideas. Alarms to wake up consistently, open curtains to line up sleep hours with the sun, you’re probably in self-isolation, so you don’t have an excuse not to, and I should get on with this list so I’ll live it up to you.
  7. You Don’t Have To Do It – You say that because you chose or made a decision to go through with this course of action. Need is often tyrannical and so we will try and do as little as necessary. Want, desire, and willingness are all better than Have, or Need, if you want to get something complete.
  8. Be Precise In Your Speech – Lies can be both harmful and unsustainable in long term relationships, and misunderstandings can be just as bad. So be precise in your speech, communicate clear and complete statements or let it be known that you are communicating an incomplete idea, misunderstandings, and upset expectations are often causes of upset, and you probably want healthy relationships.
    (I fail at this, but I’m better at communication than I was a few years ago, and I’m officially autistic, so I still have some more work before I get there.)
  9. Break Expectations With Purpose – if you are communicating something important or something of value to yourself, don’t cheapen it by changing it to fit expectations of form or format. Breaking expectations often have a serious impact, and to do that, you usually have to set expectations first, but when doing so, let there be a reason and use the offputting nature to get your ideas to stick. Also, don’t let expectations cheapen what you are producing by adding token or lesser communications in order to make something that complies.

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