10 Consequences Of Commercial Flying Machines

Cheep helicopters, flying cars, something else, imagine if the upper middle class could get these, eventually becoming the price of cars but something of the sort. It probably won’t happen we don’t have the infrastructure for it, legal and otherwise, and there are a myriad of other issues but that could be said about most of these so let’s get into it.

  1. Landing pads on the roof – some exist already, but many malls and even higher-end commercial buildings will have landing pads on the top or middle floors.
  2. Flight only towns – some out of the way retreats an increased amount of cheep out of the way nature retreats that are accessible only through flight. Unless there is a tragic accident that gets into the news of someone being lost and unable to reach shelter because of it, then it might become over-regulated and limited to higher wealth groups (it will cost more to run, and so the prices will rise.)
  3. More skydiving – well, it will become easier but only in traffic-free zones.
  4. Skydiving areas – select areas people will go skydiving in order not to be hit by vehicles; skydiving will definitely become more regulated, but for something as appealing (to some people) as skydiving, there will be many places where it is done illegally. Similar in some ways to underage drinking, in my opinion.
  5. Sound pollution problems – well duh, even if the flying machines themselves are quiet people drive with music and sometimes it is loud music.
  6. Air pollution above houses – if you can see it or it immediately blocks your view of the sky with lines of smoke well, you’ll be more aware of the cause and effect.
  7. Land ownership may be rethought – Well let’s first look at sound pollution and air pollution there will be obvious effects of people flying overhead, and it will be nearly everywhere, people will complain. In addition to that, animal behavior will be affected by the sound, at least in the short term, and the environmentalists will be up in arms. So there are two ways this could go, either people will own a certain amount of property up to a certain height, or there will be predetermined routes that will probably be ignored then people will sue. Then if the suits succeed, there will be a precedent for complaining about sound pollution from things flying overhead, and planes will probably have to be above a height limit so practically the same result.
  8. Airports will buy up more land around themselves, except in cities because commercial flights will have a special status when talking about sound pollution. Still, they will probably not want to fly over owned property or bother in fear of being sued. Even if the suits don’t succeed, it would probably be cheaper in the long run to buy more land than to pat the lawyers.
  9. An apparent wealth gap will form – It will be somewhat expensive to get the training for a license, and it will probably take at least a decade until they become anywhere near something a poorer family can justify buying. Therefore people who can own flying machines will be seen as the upper class or the elites, and a cultural wealth gap that wasn’t there before will form.

    All the consequences of that – and there are many, but I don’t have the time to go into that, and I don’t yet have the understanding to try. I may do an eventually future post on the subject but not before a few days of research.
  10. Cleansky towns – places that are out of the way from population or travel centers and pride themselves on their peace quite and clean sky. I’m not saying there aren’t places like this already, but they will become more popular and more will pop up that aren’t up to today’s standards but fulfill a need nonetheless.

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