5 Ideas For Fantasy Monsters

I ran out of time to spend on my blog doing something else. My time management hasn’t been the best recently, I’m working on it and it’ll get better but I still have off days. I did have a conversation about this today so here goes. This list gets somewhat creepy and somewhat gruesome as they are Monsters so if you’re here for my other content skip past it. Really I ran out of time for this so here is all I have for today.
I’ll resume with a post on sound insulation tomorrow.

  1. Flying Beehive – Creature with a symbiotic relationship with a mind-affecting fungus that also infects bees spread fungus creature eats fungus messes with smell center of bee brains and infects larger creatures they feast upon.
  2. Sky Squids – No teeth or anything just give them their near-perfect flexibility and camouflage of squids or octopi in nature, and they’ll get into the food supply and steal from sleeping travelers and caravans.
  3. Herd Cats – (Realy I’m just mixing animals here I’m not going through the repeated changes required to make a monster seem unique. Feel free to copy and change) Cats that herd together have more teeth like most cats are ambush predators. These cat-like creatures have more vicious teeth than ordinary cats and have oversized eyes that look almost creepy. Also, they always appear to be fully dilated and appear most attractive and baby-like to other species of animals. Herd Cats’ appearances vary so that there is a member of the herd that looks very similar to the young of different species. Herd Cats hunt by ingratiating a Herd member into a group of another species (oh look at what a cute animal I found) and have that Cat emit a smell that attracts the rest of the herd as the prey sleeps, they then rip out the throats and eat their prey.
  4. Giant Bait Catapillars – Giant Bait Caterpillars themselves aren’t very dangerous, but they do have additional organs on their outside that spray a smell that attracts Man Eater Moths. The old protect the young in a way, and the Moths knock out their prey with the pollen from toxic flowers. Then they use their long mouth to inject poison that liquifies their prey’s organs. The liquified insides are drunk by both the moths and the Caterpillars. It’s a symbiotic relationship, as both the moths and the caterpillars’ rely on something else to deal with large animals.
  5. Blow Up Bats – (I had to base this off a real animal but maybe something else, flying rats maybe.) Strange bat-like scavengers they look slightly fat and are full of gas. The fly-around propelling themselves with farts, carry fleas, eat anything they can; their farts can be poisonous as they eat many poisonous insects and sometimes the same toxic flowers as before, and explode into gas and bits of toxic meat when cornered.

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