12 More Ideas For Kid Books

A third of the way through the sound insulation post I don’t have the time and need to read more about sound. I should have expected this and I did, but Holfstatder’s Law came into play and I started this too late in the day and whoops before I know it 20 minutes left in the day and the ideas aren’t coming easily anymore so I’ll see if they do tomorrow and otherwise I’ll just make something less than perfect. Like this for example:

  1. Only One Giraffe Fits On The Bus
  2. Climbing Trees Is Harder Than It Looks
  3. Long Words vs. Hard Words
  4. 1 + 1 Makes 2, Apples 1 * 1 Is A Square Apple
  5. Do What Your Parents Tell You
  6. The Poor Little Things
  7. Stealing From Babies
  8. Reading From Context – a picture book
  9. Don’t Feed The Animals
  10. Lisa Was ONce A Young Person Name
  11. Waste Not
  12. The Lost Toys

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