5 Things That Would Be Good For The Environment…

…If they existed.

I was going to write a post on air recycling a term that to the best of my knowledge I made up, but I couldn’t clearly explain it so I’ll talk it through with someone I know then try again.

  1. Home Plastic Condensers – also available at beaches and at the sides of some streets put in plastic bottles and the like it crushes them into small cubes and condenses them. Less plastic in the ocean and less microplastics around us, but to make these actually worthwhile they have to be see-through so you can see the plastic being cubed. This could backfire with people producing more plastic waste just so that they can use the compressors. The main problem with this and with everything on this list honestly is that the environmental cost of production may outweigh the environmental benefits.

    Exercise-Powered Generators – Using rowing machines or exercise bikes and the like that generate power that supplements household electricity; or at the very least charge small batteries or fans. Keep your progress by measuring how much power you produce. This will have a very small effect but honestly thinking about we will probably cause more harm in their production than their use ever saved. (this was my first entry but since it isn’t numbered I put it second)
  2. Seaweed Plastics That Are Cheap Enough To Use – This also has to be able to degrade naturally and hopefully they won’t be produced with all the problems with plastics. (We don’t want something too much like plastic.)
  3. Paper Tree Towers – We already grow trees just to make paper out of them why don’t we build up and genetically engineer faster better trees. The idea of tree towers is that we’re using less land and require less fertilizer. Hopefully, it depends if we engineer them with that in mind.
  4. Better Servers – and more efficient cooling and fans. The servers on which our data are stored produce huge amounts of heat and require a lot of electricity to run and cool. If we could run our servers more efficiently it will cut down on energy consumption to an amazing degree.

    Spending More Time Outdoors – But turn off the lights and the air conditioning. I should do this but it doesn’t fit into the same category as the list so I’m putting it here. (I hope tomorrow’s post is more organized so I’ll be working on it.)
  5. More In House Factory Generators And Air Filters – I don’t have the time so 2 in 1. Factories require a lot of power to run and our method of transferring electricity is incredibly inefficient. If they could capture some of the polluting gasses on their way out that would also be nice. Those gases aren’t good when floating around in our air.

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