24 Ideas For Book Titles

Okay, so today I was lazy, played a bit with my brother, and forgot to write a blog post till it was very late. And so, I’m doing this topic again. Probably slightly tired at this point but it’s what I can do quickly and easily.

  1. Lemonade Stands Through History
  2. Before You Try These Things Didn’t Work
  3. Good Ideas That Were Left To Rot
  4. Only I Remain
  5. Litany Of The Masses
  6. Picturesque Shorthand
  7. Pills Come In Bottles
  8. Plastic Wrapped Everything
  9. Ignored Without Purpose
  10. Candles In The Moonlight
  11. Two Bottles Of Wine
  12. Agresive Accomplishment
  13. Confidence Is Its Own Reward
  14. A Wise Man Once Said
  15. An Idiot Asked
  16. The Search For Unobtanium
  17. Today We Shall Feast
  18. The Miracle Of Common Decency
  19. How Would Sntiant Spiders Look
  20. Political Leaning
  21. Becoming A Movement
  22. But Tomorrow We Shall Remain
  23. Giant Fans
  24. Experts Can Never Define Beauty

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