10 Sources Of Tension Durning Sea Battles

Or more often war at sea… I’m being somewhat historically here I just didn’t know what to write about today, I’ve been learning about world war 2 but more specifically the conflicts between the Americans and the Japanese so here goes.

  1. Fire – You don’t want your boat on fire but often you want the opponents’ ship on fire.
  2. Mystery – You don’t know where the opponent is until he is on you.
  3. Supplies – you don’t want to run out and you don’t want to take damage or waste limited supplies on non-essential repairs
  4. The Quiet – Hour on end, nothing happens you work you play cards you drink, but not too much you have to be ready at a moments notice every sound of the sea is potentially the enemy so don’t relax your guard
  5. You Don’t Want To Be There – if you live in the British empire, a whole lot of sailors were conscripted and didn’t get paid much
  6. You Miss Your Family – You’ve been at sea for weeks on end not knowing when something will happen or if, you don’t get to talk to any family at home and the Capitan is probably very strict
  7. Pirates – Your countries at war and your opponent will provide a safe harbor for pirates as long as they target you
  8. Your Crew Mates Are Thinking Of Joining The Pirates – The Capitan is too strict you’re tired of their jobs all you need is the chance
  9. The Food Is The Same Every Day – everything is the same you work hard and try and spot your enemies. Constant pressure incredibly risky battle and all that
  10. Your Only A Small Part Of The Ship – There is only so much you can do, so much you have an effect on and there are so many of them

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