12 Self-Centered Reasons To Tell The Truth

I have an interesting idea for tomorrow’s post so that should be fun. For today I only have this; with tomorrow’s post having nothing to do with things being true.

  1. Lies take effort to sustain, especially over long periods
  2. Lying easily becomes habit
  3. Lying helps hide problems, but when unaddressed or addressed alone, the problems will become worse
  4. Being known as an honest truthtelling individual is difficult without telling the truth
  5. Communication becomes faster and more efficient when people believe what you’re saying
  6. If you are known as honest and trustworthy, it will be easier to convince people of your ideas
  7. And you won’t be questioned as much
  8. You can better see who your friends are and who shares your interest
  9. Your friendships will become more stable because people will know where they stand with you
  10. You can expect a certain degree of reciprocation
  11. You’ll win more arguments – Well, according to the people who observe them
  12. You only have to tell the truth once – unless you’re talking to the police, in which case lying is pretty dangerous

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