10 Preachings Of A Fire Worshiping Cult

  1. All of us are like fire, to be fire, is to truly be ourselves. – We are the process by which change is enacted upon the world, we consume resources and produce others. Smoke, light, and heat are our produce, but to burn cleanly, we must only consume the proper matter. We must produce the right light, we must use our heat to nurture, and of the waste that enters us, our enemies and our rivals, they shall be made into smoke and ashes, suffocated by their own actions. We must save others from this fate, to kill can be a mercy, as to spare one dirty fire is to fill the world with smoke, to suffocate tens or hundreds of others.
  2. All of us are like fire, what we touch we must consume. – we must rid ourselves of unnecessary consumptions and not join ourselves with ill fires.
  3. All of us are like fire, what we touch ignites. – Be careful what you interact with, every fire left unwatched can become a fearsome blaze. Every fire can start another, and to let others burn is to let destruction consume all.
  4. In fire, we can see the messages of God. – God provided us with a soul. God is the fire that lit us matches, and God gave us the freedom to burn as we will. We must follow the teaching of the fiery God, we must let the divine light we produce not blind us, and burn sacrifices to the great one. All fire is a mirror of God, and those most bright can read his messages within.
  5. In fire, we become one. – A might blaze all burning together, each of us to fill our earthly vessels and in our joining with others to spread our fires outside of ourselves. One great blaze forms from many smaller fires, and when our souls burn as one, we shall never be extinguished.
  6. In fire, our souls shall remain – When our body is wholly burnt up when our presence as physical beings is fully extinguished. We shall burn on in the souls of the fires we lit, the fires we shared, and the great blaze of the holy burning as one.
  7. In divine fire exists our purpose, and by spreading the sacred fire, we complete it. – We enlighten others by showing them their own divinity, by showing them what fuels godliness, by burning with them but above them. We must not dirty the divine fire with mortal sin, but greater blazes can purify even the dirtiest of bodies. By sharing our flames, we can make weak fires strong, and then divine. Yet, beware those fires burning dirtiest for if united with fires divine all matter shall be consumed in their wake becoming a suffocating smoke that extinguishes its source.
  8. In divine fire exists our purpose, to burn brighter and brighter until we become as one. – The fires divine, yet sweeter than wine, yet trapped in bodies of earth. To serve the high flame while a great earthly pain is also a promised rebirth. All fires burn out, but the one source of all and we spread it and keep it alive. All music is but the crackling of the divine fire, and those truly at one with it produce similar sound and lights.
  9. In divine fire exists our purpose, to burn all that stands in its way. – The divine fire produces but light, heat, and sound, it’s light is our energy, and its coals are our world. We as fires derived of it must create music and stories, worlds ablaze that will bring us ever closer. But some matter comes from fires extinguished the waste, the ashes, the smoke of fires died out, many embers burn in their wake desiring nothing more but to make the world like them. And so we must purge them, redeem the fires that retain some of the divine and light the rest ablaze.
  10. Worldly fires are but a poor reflection. – To be used as tools, and to be elevated in our rituals, smaller lights eventually lost in time. The divine fire still burns within us and within all of its lights. Those who burn brightest can create purer reflections spread their own flames onto their creations and create within the worldly fires the divine.

I had intended to make ten ideas for fire worshiping cults but after the first entry, I realized that I was in a slightly different state of mind. I apologize if it is somewhat repetitive I wasn’t very much prepared for something of this sort.

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