10 Unreasonable Requests

Today felt like a bust, and it seems I constantly worry about whether my questions make sense and my requests are reasonable, but enough with that. A request is unreasonable by default. The motivations are entirely social and on a personal level, it makes no sense that we make requests expecting positive answers. (It’s something else entirely on a societal level.) So for today 10 unreasonable requests, be they common, or be they something we should ask more.

  1. Please may I borrow a pen – Why do we give people pens, why give people anything? Because they asked because it would be rude not to, a betrayal of everyone else’s social expectation, how can I ask for anything If I can’t even help with such a simple request?
  2. Please watch my things while I’m away – It always pays to be polite.
  3. Please come to the meeting on Sunday. I have something planned – We will answer, and we then will make sure to get there on time because we said we would do so. We will do more than we would do otherwise, and we were asked personally it would be rude not to show up.
  4. May I use your lawnmower – There is no reason not to isn’t precisely true the reasons are simply to minor to stand in the way. But of course, there is no reason to, we most often answer in the positive anyways. Although the more cynical side of me thinks we just want to look nice, that’s a reason to answer not to ask.
  5. May I marry your daughter – Ok we live in the twenty-first century people don’t need their parents’ permission to marry, we sometimes ask regardless just to see where they stand. The parent has no reason to allow for this, but they love their child and should respect their decisions. At least sometimes…
  6. May I use your bathroom – Ahem, no? And yet we don’t say no, we know how it feels and we would like other people to act in the same way. Allowing for this is entirely to the detriment of the asked, but yet the tragedy of the commons isn’t all-encompassing. It is the miracle of the many that we are so used to that we think of its absence as a tragedy.
  7. Please hold me accountable for this and make sure I get it done every day – This is a lot to expect from someone. A great multitude, but this is something many people desire. If we had someone to work out with every day, would we work out more? We’re already used to saying yes; sometimes we bend over backward to fulfill a request just because we gave our world, is it not the place to perform another social miracle?
  8. Please help me with this personal project – People often like to help, your friend should be people who are willing to help, and depending on the answer it can help tell whether the project is worthy of your time by asking if it is worthy of theirs. I just listed reasons to make the request, but as I think about it, I’m getting more and more confused about what unreasonable means, so let me finish this post before I lose it entirely.
  9. May I have some of your time – Our most valuable resource (well not really), if it is a few hours maybe, but an hour a month? A week? A day? not reasonable no, but it’s worth asking on the off chance of a positive answer.
  10. May I join you in this task, or mission, or life goal, or startup – you want to make an imposition to take a place in someone’s personal project, and yet asking this question makes them feel Better. You are giving their actions value, and if they say yes if they make room in their lives for you? As long as you want a positive answer this is a good request to ask.

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