10 Ideas For Content I Can Produce (or move towards producing)

Frick, I pushed this off for some reason no idea what topic no idea how; and these are just excuses I watched comedy videos for 2 hours when I should (at least according to my personal schedule) have been writing this, now I have little time and no idea for topic worthy of discussion. Darn that though, all topics are worthy of discussion I’ll use a random word generator and make a topic from that.

Content my random word is content.
I’ve made this post before and I probably had better ideas then for ti a need to wind down somehow, but I’ll try.

  1. In-Depth Ideas – A series of video content where I take one of my ideas, and go into depth, I’ll consider consequence, research practicality, and elaborate on additional detail. I need to practice developing ideas into things, and this is a good way to start.
  2. A Web Series – Probably one about world travel, so I can use all my ideas to have a new world every two months or so and force myself to work on introducing cultures efficiently and character development. A personal challenge would be to have at least three characters per world that are unique that you can’t tell which one will be a recurring character and which ones’s not.
  3. Podcast Interviews – Not an original idea, but I can interview the top world expert on sewage, and I’ll probably be able to make it interesting. (what’s the worst case it takes me many posts until I’m any good?)
  4. A Super Post Every Week – Every week, I take my favorite topic from the previous week, research, and go into further detail. Another case of developing my ideas, but instead of just having one idea, I’ll give a whole topic the attention it deserves.
  5. Book Reviews – Three books a week one post explaining if they are worthwhile. I have the time, and I read quickly. (I can make anything interesting, or will be able to by my 365th post.)
    – (Okay Ilan be more original)
  6. Design A Trading Card Every Day – For a TCG, I’ll have a set of rules for it what goes in and what goes out, and by the time I have 50 cards I’ll know If I’m making a game I want to play, and If it’s fun with two mirror decks I’ll be able to make it fun from there.
  7. Comparative List Program – Something form one of my earlier posts, the post itself was an absolute mess, I introduced something in the beginning, and than I changed the structure in the middle without saying anything. All in all, the post was pretty bad. But I can make something of the topic, I take something a debated topic and list out the yays and nays, make up more possible consequences than I compare the two.
  8. Improbable Connections – But better, not just me relating two things, instead I’ll do something I have a hunch about affecting another thing than try to think out why, why would the movement of lakes over time affect air travel and all that jazz.
  9. National Novel Writing Month – I can write a novel yay. Really it’s a challenge I should take on. It doesn’t have to be any good, but I have to do this. I have to do something; I have to do this something.
  10. Mini Real-Life Games – Constant constructions board games, card games, an alternative to ghost that we can play while driving, These things all came from somewhere and If I can make one which is more enjoyable or at least more intellectually stimulating I will.

Wow this is similar to the last one, but It seems more safe, in a way I’m trying to impress. Well {I’m still not up to cursing that much so insert expletive here}, here’s the next thing to get over, I have to give up on trying to impress and instead be willing to make imperfect content. And possibly make less through-away content too this is an example of how I can. Well time to write the last entry.

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