Uninhibited Ideas

I’m not going to worry about practicality and the like. I’m not going to worry about scale or size or relevance; my one measure will be that they have to be things, but even that will be left unspecified. If the name for my idea is the same as something that already exists than so be it, these are but ideas I have not yet developed them fully. So here I float, from one silly idea to the next, hoping I occasionally brush the ground and make something actually useful.

  1. Humidity Filters – Specifically on window screens. Now I don’t know exactly how this will work my idea was for some sort of liquid suction mechanism with a slightly thicker window screen, somehow the water will stick it ill flow to the edge and if it needs any power to work over long periods of time the water will flow into a container which rotates a type of power source as the water drips to the ground. Now, this won’t work, at least as I defined it here but it is something I think people would spend money on and there could be many health benefits so I’ll try another approach. To start the water collection rotate a handle by the side of the window, instead of having a cheap window screen it will be made of detailed (spiraled or something whatever will collect the most humidity,) wires that as they rotate they collect some of the water from the air and the water gets scraped into a container at the bottom, maybe for plants or maybe it’ll just get dripped out the window, this will most likely be electrically powered with multiple setting or speed, but hopefully, it won’t require much electricity. If I’m being ambitious I’ll try and have water flow rotate the wire spinning mechanism but I’m still not sure if it’s feasible.
  2. Spinning Dehumidifier – Something to put in the middle of a room, in places where there is little electricity it can be hand-powered or powered in a similar method to the gravity-powered lightbulb. This is just an offshoot of the previous ideas, but maybe it will be made of a series of rotating thin pipes with strategically located holes. Now that I think of it this is somewhat similar to AirDrop, but I only know of AirDrop because I looked it up when writing out this idea and this is on a far smaller scale. (unless it will be a big thing in the center of homes that is powered by the flow of water through pipes. I can dream, right? it could work on apartment buildings or other places that have multiple floors but then a whole bunch of other questions come up, and it would probably use the sewage being piped down and that’s a whole other mess. Best place I see it is houses and building that have soler powered water heaters on the roof but by then it is far too much infrastructure to bother with something so basic. Maybe if we could make it power something else…)
  3. Hot Water House Batteries – Well take on the roof solar heaters and have the movement of the water downstairs rotate generator or move different water upstairs, not entirely self-sufficient but at the very least more efficient. Best case, we find a way to take advantage of the heat, second-best we use it to power something else.
  4. Wind Funnel – Back to my original topic of getting air into the house. Original idea large metal tubes that funnel the wind going above the house or are shaped in a way to produce internal airflow of their own. “But things don’t just make airflow so If I figure that out this becomes something else”. And so it did, very tall funnels top of funnel insolates one section on the bottom conducts heat when it’s windy (so where I live at night,) the wind rotates fans the top bit when it’s hot (During the day here,) the bottom bit heats up the air contained within and the updraft becomes directional air as a result of the shape of the funnel. Why are there fans in the top bit? because instead of producing air why don’t I try to make this into another form of green energy, wind power exists and solar exists but if this is even a quarter as efficient it works more consistently and for longer periods of time, in addition, it’s built up so it doesn’t take up that much space. On second thought why don’t we have the funnels stand at an angle and not worry about changing the direction of the updrafts. (why did I think we need to change them at all, ah to slow down the movement of new air into the funnel I want the sun to actually heat the air at the bottom, if only slightly.)
  5. Smog Powered Generators – Instead of trying to cause the air to move instead we can simply take a factory that produces smog and have the upwards moving smog produce some power. Connect something of the sort to an industrial chimney, the gasses are rising up anyways, why don’t we take advantage of them.

So I won’t force myself to come up with more ideas for this one, It’s not the point and I treat lists of that sort recently. Maybe if I was less distracted when writing this or had done it over more time so that I could go back to it over the course of the day I’d have a higher number, and wider verity of ideas. Still a a lot of these were focused on humidity and air movement.

Regardless thank you for your time reading this and have a nice day.

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