12 Wise Sounding Lies

Okay, I think I got back into the good content zone with the other post I started today but I’m not going to finish it on time. So I’ll see If it’s actually good when I post it tomorrow. (well I’ll see when I reread it the day after everything I make looks good to me the day I make it… well mostly.)

Most of these contain truth but they do not become it. If I see this as not making sense tomorrow I may explain it. But if this makes no sense please comment on this post, I can’t tell if what I’m making is good or not so I would like someway to compare. But honestly, this post is probably crap anyway I should have come up with a better topic. I’m working on it.

  1. The weak are of no concern to the Strong, The week are intimidated by us and are always lead by someone strong.
  2. Those who failed once shall fail again never trust someone who betrayed your confidence for their failure reflects on you.
  3. If your enemy is an expert wait for his failure capitalize on it and use it to take him down he shall never be trusted again.
  4. It is a rule among all cultures that children shall be protected and lead over all else.
  5. There is no such thing as color as it is only our perception of different wavelengths of light.
  6. Dying is what makes life valuable for if there wasn’t death what would we be working for?
  7. It is the greatest thing to die for a cause for you shall never see what that cause becomes.
  8. Never tell the truth or you may yet reveal your hand to your enemies.
  9. Coming up with ideas is a difficult endeavor but if you hesitate to share your ideas nothing shall come of them.
  10. Those who speak much often have little to say.
  11. Know yourself and life shall forever be the master of your life.
  12. The answer is within you.

this was meant to be 24 entries long but I ran out of time.

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