Air Recycling (part 1)

Well, there are a lot of things in the air around us, depending on where we live there is a various amount of things like water and carbon dioxide, oxygen is one of the gasses that has a more consistent spread so if you don’t go to high up the air will be around 20% oxygen and trace gasses can vary significantly from place to place.

So, Air Recycling, in this case I’ll focus on carbon dioxide and water because despite the varying amounts most air contains some, and I know most about them.

Now carbon-dioxide, no matter what you think about global warming, it is a fact that we emit a large amount of carbon into the air around us. Most species of plants benefit from a higher concentration of carbon dioxide and, while some species of plants suffer, we can make use of areas with high levels of carbon dioxide to help grow crops. Many greenhouses take advantage of this fact by having a high concentration of carbon dioxide in order not just for the growth of the plants but also to kill insects. Plants take carbon dioxide and consume the carbon, emitting the oxygen as a byproduct, we cannot breathe (consume? take advantage of?) carbon dioxide in the air, and the amount of carbon bonding with oxygen in the air is slightly worrying. So here’s the question can we find a way to make use of carbon dioxide or to filter it into greenhouses and the like. This will be the Air recycling I will focus on for this post.

Now filtering carbon dioxide out of the air isn’t a novel idea, but it’s not something easily done, heck we’re not even sure if it is humanly possible. That being the case we do not want to keep emitting so much carbon into the air around us, (it doesn’t matter if you think global warming is a thing,) because we don’t know what effect it will have on existing ecosystems and the like. (I don’t know enough now and I ‘m running out of time before the Holy Sabbath so I can’t elaborate on other side effects.) so instead of using the carbon dioxide in the air we’ll use the carbon emissions before they get there.

My idea is to give value to carbon that is normally emitted into the atmosphere but I don’t have the time or the clarity of mind to complete it at the moment so tomorrow I’ll post part 2 and I’ll call it.
A Capitalist Solutions To Air Pollution.

I would have completed this today but I had a blue screen of death and lost half of my work so I apologize for the incomplete post. I wish you a good weekend and all that, and thank you for your time.

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