A Capitalist Solutions To Air Pollution (Air Recycling part 2) maybe…

A better title, in my opinion. I don’t promise a complete solution or an easy one, I am simply trying to construct a theory or a method that even in failure will benefit the world.
That being said it’s not complete enough to immediately implement and it could be years of work to make something out of this, regardless If I ever want to put in the time money and effort, I should think my ideas through.
So here goes.

Yesterday I deiced I would start by focusing on a specific type of air pollution, carbon emissions. And, since politically left-leaning groups have been trying to do so for ages with minimal results, I thought we should try a more capitalistic method, and I narrowed my focus on one thing; the profit motive.

How would we make not putting more carbon into the air profitable? Well, we must give the carbon, and the carbon dioxide that results from it’s bonding with oxygen, some form of monetary value and use. Well maybe we don’t have to, carbon dioxide, (to my unfounded surprise1,) has uses in everything from industry to medicine, the problem is that we don’t pollute pure carbon dioxide, the gasses we produce are varied and mixed. And separating gasses is an expensive process in the first place, not one to be done willy-nilly.

So step one is to develop a method to easily separate gasses… And here I must stop myself. I had a much more complicated intent for this post but as I read and researched I realized something. I fell victim to the Dunning-Krueger effect I was an idiot who thought he knew more than he did because I knew so little, and in that, I lost my original purpose in writing this post. I intended to show how complicated even the seemingly simplest solutions could be, I thought I could hit something brilliant because I didn’t know any better and the one thing I did discover was that we need a cheaper and more portable way to separate gasses, a really cheap and portable method if we have this harvesting carbon dioxide from smokestacks will become a valid argument and ways to transport and use it can begin to become considered. But until we have it the ideas I wanted to put here are impossible to implement.

But even that is beyond my original purpose for this. It was meant to be a demonstration of the complexity required and the problems that cause environmental quick fixes and easy fixes to be more of a fad than anything else. I wanted to mock and point things out so people would pay more attention to the world around them, but mainly to feel good about myself.
So tomorrow’s post will do that because writing today’s post was a humbling experience but it probably wasn’t much fun to read, I hope not to make the same mistakes again, but if I do I hope to write them out so I can see my own stupidity and work through it.
Thank you for your attention and your time.

1 I should have known better

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