10 Attempts At Communicating Accents In Writing

Sometimes I seem to lack the ability to put together any from of coherent communication, and have a great unwillingness to put stuff down. I fear being wrong so much. So let me wonder why? how does this fear serve me?

I fear being wrong my animal side does not want me to make waves or take risks so if I’m afraid of being wrong I’m afraid of acting.

I fear being wrong because I learned to be.

Now, let me not focus entirely on self-reflection (and possibly self-pity) that what my personal journal is for. So today’s post will be something that is hard to be wrong with because I’m just trying, see?
My personal challenge is no purposefully misspelling of words and trying to be grammatically correct, it’s an experiment I want to know if it is possible

  1. You weren’t born afraid, you were taught it, by the schools and your parent and even your friends. You learned from each other, understand?
  2. We were all taught fear at a young age, and like an infection, we spread it to the next generation.
  3. I’m not afraid, I was taught to act as if I was, the way I feel is irrelevant, I’m only afraid If I say I am.
  4. You were taught to be afraid by the systems surrounding you, you were born a fearless being.
  5. We weren’t born unafraid, we all know that fear is a natural part of human experience. No, we weren’t born fearless, but we were still taught what to fear.
  6. Don’t fear what you can’t catch. Life is elusive and slippery so don’t let those folks at the academy teach you to fear distant dangers. Life is hard enough as it is.
  7. A wise man told me not to fear myself, for we were taught that fear stops us from erring, but erring is how we grow.
  8. Nonsense, don’t be afraid because others told you to be, think for yourself. Hell, fail for yourself their mistakes won’t mean anything until you experience them for yourself.
  9. Systems are afraid of people growing beyond them and as members of systems, we are afraid of growth.
  10. Don’t lose yourself in the crowds’ fears, the devil has the face of a friend and the voice of a teacher. You can tell the devil talking when he preaches fear and failure, for that’s why he fell. He rebelled against the Lord for he feared our failure, to overcome his fear he decided to cause it. for what he caused he gained power over so. He desires that we cause nothing, for then all the power in the earth will be his.

I shall give my blog more time and attention, or maybe I’ll take a break… let’s see how this weeks posts will turn out I’m not stopping until post 300.

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